Reviews for "Pyramid Doom"


The character has a definite physiognomy and a range of very precise details, plus the interplay of light and shadow is perfect undoubtedly an excellent job.

silversunned responds:

well thank you! :D it did take a bit to get all those details in (LOLOL however the other hand still needs a little work with the shading! :D :D)


That looks amazingly badass!
Did you use a stump? The shading looks very "clean".
I love it!

silversunned responds:

I try to make all my shading as clean as possible (I dunno what a stump is) but I do use a tortillian! :D :D


there's really nothing I can see wrong with this image...well
I think the arm is cut off at an awkward angle.
but other than that the image is superb.

silversunned responds:

Thank you! :D and yea the arm is kinda retardedly cut off, but meh, the reference pic did the same (I would have changed that and done something else but I didn't realise it until I was pretty much already done with the pic LOLOL)

wow very sweet

very wow i like how it look so lifelike

silversunned responds:

thanks! I tried as hard as I could (I think....) but yea I'm still trying to figure out a background for him (but it'll be on hold for a bit because I have orders I have to fill first LOL)


I always been intrigued by the design of pyramidhead (just the design) and you executed it well here. They shading's just right enough to give the sketch dimension and the veins look so realistic...damn.....however what I enjoyed the most was the shading done to the helmet...your nasty @ shading and that's always a massive plus to sketching. As for the referencing I liked how yours came out better, as I said the way you shade it brought out the wicked parts of the drawing (Cant get enough of the vains.) As for background suggestions keep it minimal, you'd want people to stare more at pyramidhead than the background, perhaps some dark, dim litted-like background with minmal skulls and some shadows of hanging people (impact horror without showing it well its something i digg...)

silversunned responds:

Thanks! :D :D the input is definitely MUCH appreciated, The shading was a pain in my ass LOLOL and the reference pic was hard to get mine down the right way because the reference pic was definitely more Anime-ish and more emboldened by the darker lines, I like to stick to my shading and add the realistic touch, I had to change the fact that he has his sword with him 24/7 and the original it was implied that the sword was in his other had, but I wanted it to be more visual in the picture instead of just Implied (Implications are fun but some people NEVER get them the right way! LOLOL) as for the helmet the guy didn't do the right helmet either I had to research how the actual helmet is supposed to look so actually my pyramid head is an odd mix of the game and the movie one which I'm fine with because the movie one is awesome and so is the game one! :D :D