Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


Not bad, the rythm is good

sonicmega responds:

The review was rather short, but at least you pointed out what you found/enjoyed about it. Feel free to PM me about what could be IMPROVED, since you can't respond to this review response. I'll eagerly await it!

its good but

its an good song. and can be used as credit music. but theres nothing really special on it

sonicmega responds:

Credit music? That would definitely be an interesting placement for it. I never considered that option, but it still doesn't sound that viable to me. But hey, feel free to use it if you want!

Its ok

"Dialga, that's a lot

and Riolu
POKEMON! I choose you!"

"Pokemon I choose you" kind of messed up. The voice isn't perfect

and Toxicroak!


Also a bit mess up but I actually have to say Part 2 is better then Part 1.

I agree with BlackNinjaWarrior93 Con except getting new rapper or new music. It doesn't matter to me.

sonicmega responds:

I fully agree, part 2 definitely came out better than part 1. Aside from that, thanks for pointing out what could have been improved! I really appreciate it!


stuck in my head for ages

sonicmega responds:

MWAHAHA, my plan is slowly working! Soon you will all be unable to vote on movies, your minds captivated by the same song repeating itself!...

Nah, not really, but thanks for your input!

I ......

I like Pokemon too much to give this any lower than a 5! I originally would have given this a 4, mainly because you emphasized the end a little too much! It tells me that you MAY think Pokemon may be running dry. Whether you believe this or not, there are some unnecessary lines in and out of that whole song. I am pretty sure you named all of the Sinnoh Pokemon, I did't look through your list. If there is 2 things I know it is music and Pokemon. This could have been better.