Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"

guhfdgplkdnhksdbgivrfbg! HOLY SHIT!


sonicmega responds:

Well, it definitely would need to have some kinks worked out to sound TRULY professional, but I like your thinking.

In fact, did you know Nintendo hasn't MADE a Sinnoh Pokerap yet?

if it's an atrocity then that's just your own view

i have a different view that says- "this song rocks my socks!" i'm a sucker for pokemon entries.

sonicmega responds:

I'm just happy that I worked all the kinks out, because I was scared to death that a single hard breath would ruin it all. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening in.

im not being mean or anything but HOW???

i liked this alot it brought a little smile to my face, but how did this get first place if it has a score of 2.64? probably becouse of all the views. o well gud job. i wish somebody listened to my music :(

sonicmega responds:

I'm explaining this answer a lot, aren't I?

At the moment when the weekly Top 5 were announced (12:00 Wednesday), the song had a score of 4.71 - once the list is updated, all songs on it remain in that position until the next week.

I'll give a listen to your music later today, and even leave a couple of reviews for you to look over! They're brutally honest, though, so you have to promise to respond to them so I have something to look forward to! :3


that must've taken alot of work. Kudos to you.

sonicmega responds:

It did, it did indeed. I'm glad you appreciated the result! :D


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