Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


im not much of a pokemon fan
but i must say that was pretty good!
10/10 just for how you could say it so well !

Loved It

I cant wait to see more of your singing.
Your great at it.


You have steal this! I have this on my computer!! ;)

sonicmega responds:

Wait, what?

If you're saying I stole it, then I didn't, because I credited the music, and the lyrics are original and created by myself.

If you're saying you "stole" it by downloading it, then... thank you?


Yes...I kept up!!! Not bad...after listening twice...I sang faster than you!

Awesome Funyy!

I could keep up with it :D

sonicmega responds:

Awesome! Thanks for your support as well!