Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"

its okay

the pokerap is old give it up c'mon no one listens to it but its okay

sonicmega responds:

I understand it was old, but isn't there satisfaction to be gained from knowing you successfully rapped an entire group of pokemon before anyone else?


You made me cry. This reminded me of my youth when I had to endure this type of crap (The Pokerap that is) almost everyday. I'll give you credit. It was a good idea, but it could've been better. You sound out of breath throughtout almost the whole song.

sonicmega responds:

YOU try naming all these without messing up once in a single go.

Nah, just kidding, I understand that if I'm the one recording this, I should try to eliminate that feeling. Still, I'm glad you put those negative memories aside and took the time to listen to this.

Where to start..

Ok, I hate pokemon with a passion (Minus the Original Blue/Red/Yellow games.. Those are classics), the THEME songs are even worse that the TV show and Ash's voice. Pokemon needs to burn in hell and stay there.

That being said, Not a bad song. It is a little plain, and kinda basic... However it is original, a little catchy even. It is pretty well put together and it IS clean... Vocals are.. ehh.. Ok. Could be better but not terrible. All of this gets an eight, and I am being nice and forgetting it is about pokemon. Take that into account and you are lucky to get a one.

sonicmega responds:

Well, I'm glad you decided to not let those factors affect your voting score, unlike some of the other reviews I've been receiving about this. I also appreciate your thorough review as a whole, since it clearly pointed out what I could work on next time I attempt something like this. Thanks for the input!

Pokemon? Loool

I use to love Pokemon, no idea why, well up to the begining of the Jhoto series, then I lost the taste, I can't believe it's still going, how many are there lol? like 500?

sonicmega responds:

*checks Pearl version* 493, so close enough. Although I hear Nintendo just trademarked versions Opal and Quartz, so the nightmare may not be over.

Flat ok nothin else to say

title says it all

sonicmega responds:

Flat, eh? I'll try to make sure my voice has more substance to it the next time I do something like this. Thanks for your input!