Reviews for "Pokemon Sinnoh Pokerap (FULL)"


I love this!
Great job! :)
Why this have low score? :(

sonicmega responds:

Thank you!
Thank you again!
Because people can be biased!

its allright

I didnt like it to much. Really didnt live up to the other pokerap... not even close. but when I looked at all the pokemon it would be a little hard to do that. Good try. Id say edit this change the anoying close to being monotone voice add more then just the pokemon if you have to split the song into 2 or fragments. Again good try.


sonicmega responds:

Much of the suggestions here aren't exactly new to me, but that's not your fault, so thank you for further strengthening that resolve!

I'm glad you still took the time to write this review!


hahaha pokerap rock!that song is from pokemon puzzle for n:64 right?hahaha nice work hehe

sonicmega responds:

YAY! You got the source right! Excellent game, my friend. I still struggle on the final stage on Super Hard mode even now. I fear for Master difficulty X(

Thanks for your support!


I agree with the people before me about the random volume changes, but this was still fun to listen to.

sonicmega responds:

Duly noted, my good sir. Nevertheless, thanks for enjoying it as much as you did! :D


that must've taken alot of work. Kudos to you.

sonicmega responds:

It did, it did indeed. I'm glad you appreciated the result! :D