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Reviews for "Innania Pom (episode 2)"


Funniest thing i've seen for quite some time. Really liked the voices and that annoying internet man was hilarious.

Great story telling

I loved the characters and voices. Even the intro was amusing.

This was about as entertaining as the first episode, which was also awesome.

If you are looking on ways to improve, I suppose, you could add backgrounds to some of the shots. A lot of times, you just had gray as a background. Also the Pom Squad scene kind of dragged on a little bit. Maybe if you shortened that up a little, it could hold people's attention longer.

Great job though.

Holy crap!

A freakin' Square One reference!
Math man Math man Math man


that was very impressive!! you should definatley keep makin flash! and continue this series! it looks really good! THE SLUTTY ONE

it was ok...

it was an ok movie, seems to be a lot of effort... acctually i just clicked it in the portal because i thought it was porn not pom, anyways GJ.