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Reviews for "Innania Pom (episode 2)"

Very funny!

I've been watching your other movies, and u two can sure sound like a girl... the only time you pot a girl to help is in the doomsday thingy... or maybe it was a boy... it had a weird name...
This movie was great! the pom squad mini-sode was funny. anyway, keep up the great work! :)

My mom thought you said "Blonde Squad."

Absolutely Marvelous. Two complaints, though:
1) The character don't have names. Until you give them names, I'm gonna call the Froglike one "Polywedge," The gray one with sticklike arms "Jebley," and the one with no limbseseses (Reference to The previous episode) "Leonard."
2) Not enough episodes. Two episodes is never enough. Trust me.

And to prevent any comments about me living with my parents, I'm 14 years old and therefore am not old enough to move out.

very funny



boring who cares about a bear in a suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It rocks,you make damn funny flash.

"Samantha is funny,a student,and single! She's a very prity lady! CLICK HERE!"