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Reviews for "Innania Pom (episode 2)"


Yes, kill the bastard child of everything annoying on the internet. Death to the badger man!XD

Great work, make more. ^_^

great work

man, yhou have something in there. Liked this just like i liked the other innania. But give me a response: What the hell is the title about? Inannia? Andthe episodes, Chi end Pom? Don't get it. Though, i really apreciated your job. Good work

Wogoat responds:

Actually back when I did the comic I didn't have a title, and I asked people on my old message board to suggest one and nobody did. So I just came up with Innania because it's well... pretty innane. The subtitles are poking fun at how in later seasons of many anime shows they tack on a suffix like "Super" or "Wonderful" so I just choose an odd sounding word that has some vague correlation with the plot.
It's going to lead to some confusion over the episode chronology, I can tell you that.

Hope that was illuminating... or something.

fuckin sweet*sniff*

fuck man me and my pal had a blast watching this and if u dont make another one i'm gonna blugeon you to death with a rusty shovel!!!111oneoneoneeleven

Wow, that made as much sence as the name itself

Excelent though, not just random humor wise, but graphic wise as well. But, I'll leave that to the breakdown:

Graphics: Smooth and reasonably origonal. It's more or less a compolation of a dozzen different things but hell, what is totaly origonal now adays. I especialy liked how you did that demon child of everything annoying about the internet.

Sound: I'm impressed. THe voice acting was skillfully done as was the voice-to-character thing. Some ideas, maybe a bit of music here and there fadeing and entering as example from such movies as Eric the Juiceman Shorts, Waterman, or any other flash which is basicly a bunch of random people and/or things doing nothing specific.

Style: Reasonably fresh, I like the total randomness of it without going overboard like some animations... yeah thats all I got.

Violence: BOOM!

Interactivity: Play, Replay, a pause button and sceene selection would be spiffy. And maybe a turn on and off closed captioning.

Humor: Some decently funny jokes in there! I think you got something in this catagory. I howled at the end part.

Keep it up and make more like this yadda yadda yadda.


P.S. Heh, Badger

fiendishly clever...

heh, very nice, badger badger.... hehe