Reviews for "Titan Wars"


See, if we were to fight wars with giant robots instead of squishy family-having humans, it would be awesome instead of tragic. A poignant message to us all.
Also, excellent draw, of course.

Love pictures like this.

The idea of the colossus... the object so large that it redefines the limits in your mind of what is considered big... has always fascinated me. You should draw some sort of scenery type pictures, like some humanoid things in the corner of the drawing siting on some grass looking out over a colossal canyon, or mountain, or something enormous like the Tower of Babylon or things like that. Just the concept of colossal objects, they're always awesome.



very nice!!

man this is a very good painting! and the way you show the size of the titan is very interesting(the 2 humans)


I really love all of your stuff! You have a great style and I always look forward to seeing more work from you :) Keep it up!