Reviews for "Titan Wars"


I really dont see what all the hub-bub is. Where is this 3rd arm people are speaking of? Am I blind or something? All I see is this mammoth of a titan falling down with two legs, two arms, and a head.

I think you are all making up this so called "third arm" so that you have something to critique. Tsk tsk...

I'm with crapatflash

Your ability to convey size and power is unrelenting. I'm facinated by this. And to those reviews who say the third arm is bad, I say, there are no restrictions on the imagination, and no references that are paticularly adequate for this kind of art. Forge your own way. Again, I applaud you, and look forward to seeing more of this kind of art. Thank you for sharing.

Fantastic work

But as others have stated, the five limb structure (or the structure that APPEARS to have five limbs) really doesn't work on a humanoid basis.

If you look at the "shivans" from the video game FreeSpace, they're five-limbed aliens with a totally different biology, and it works great. By giving something humanoid five arms, it's very difficult to understand the image. I get a sense of incredible size, power and machinery but absolutely no understanding of how it's meant to look.

It confuses the eye, and that's a real pity.

Really good looking but...

That third arm seems out of place. Just looks weird.
Overall though, pretty cool.

I really like

the feel of this piece of art and of course the concept!!