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Reviews for "Victory! (8-bit Chiptune)"

Best Original 8-bit

I get an incredible feeling of nostalgia, I absolutely loved that game when I was young (obviously I'm not really speaking of an actual game, just saying it that way because you own at this)


Yeah! Sounds almost like something you'de hear in a MegaMan game or something similar. Really nice tune, and definitely gets your heart pounding for something to happen.


this is one of the coolest 8bit or 16bit songs I've heard! Totally creative and fun to listen to, sounds like it should be in a cheesey action game for the NES, as I'm sure was your intention. ANyway, great job, kickass song


With the intorduction of Megaman 9. I can see this easily being a theme for a Dr Willy level, keep it up.


nice work!