Reviews for "Doomsday Unite!"

Well done!

Well done! Love the attack on all the nutters who believe that the world is going to
fall around their necks, and tie them up like a dead man on a noose.

Extremely Visually pleasing, gave me a good chuckle. I would say it deserves a 10/10 for being the first really funny thing I have seen put up on here, and as well, for pleasing me when Im still half asleep!

HongKongBong responds:

Thanks for the awesome review!

you sir

know the truth

HongKongBong responds:

and i like it.


I love the idea of this, because you added there many good facts of us.
And this could be something real after some years, or after one year :D.
By the way idea of 2012 is stupid, I believe that it is right now happening, we are changing, and our thinking is changing, just because look around us, so many accidents, tsunami and earth quake today, and what is going to happen tommorow. Damn I should smoke more.

HongKongBong responds:

You should definitely smoke more.
Thanks for the nice review


Your picture is quite detailed in how you foresee the end of the human race. I chuckled a bit when I saw the graffiti on the wall that said, "What a waste of the 21st century."

Also, why is Cthulhu hiding when he could be devouring the delicious non-zombie people? Is he camera shy? Keep up the good work, 10/10 and 5/5 from me.

HongKongBong responds:

No jesus is just being selfish and took his spot at the last moment.
Glad you like it!