Reviews for "PleaseWakeUp(You're Scaring me"


Background sounded a little too busy sometimes, but overall a great song.

nubbinownz responds:

hehe thank you it was a bit intentional on the busy part, i'm not going to lie.

Short and sweet

A song dosn't need to be long to be good. Keep it up :p.

nubbinownz responds:

Thanks man. I wish others felt the same way :)

What'chu talkin' 'bout Willis?

This song is great. I love the chiptunes, don't get me wrong but I love these even more. Please, don't give up on the piano/strings d n b. It's close to my heart. :)

nubbinownz responds:

I won't man :) i'm actually working on one RIGHT now. That i am so far NOT dissapointed in it should be done a bit later on tonight or tomorrow :)

This has some really great stuff in it!

Unfortunately, like you said it didn't really go anywhere. The piano: creates an amazing mood... just great. The beat is great, I love the complexity and the glitching. It was kind of offputting how the beat just kind of started and stopped through the song. I would've liked to see it continue through the song as you added more elements and layering. Overall this is a really good start, it's really creative; don't abandon this!

Would you mind checking out my latest song "Windstorm" if you have 5 minutes to spare?

nubbinownz responds:

I reviewed yours as well thank you for the review man.

Yeah , i was trying to add more layers, but then it started not sounding right. When i make songs i never really know how they are going to sound. I just know how they are going to start, and from the start i thought it was going to be good. But sometimes my songs dissapoint me.

thank you again for the review friend.

>.> er...

Failure? that makes me feel weird then to say that this is one of your best. Please don't stop doing songs like this. The chiptunes are super cool, however for me this is where it's at. Love the classical ellements, the the high energy overlaying the calm sad tones.

I know what you mean with something not sounding how you envisioned it. However keep striving for the masterpieces in your head, espeicaly if your failed attempts sound this gorgeous. I can't even imagine the awesomeness of you suceeding. I hope you continue to work towards that. =)

nubbinownz responds:

yes, this was originally going to be something big for me. But unfortunately it didn't turn out how i wanted hehe. thank you for the encouragement jest. I really do appreciate it. I may just drop out the drums and make it a classical or something I don't even know haha.