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Reviews for "[nB] PrOgReSsIoN"


Nice song. Nothing else to say, except that it is a little bland.


I love when songs progress like this. Too bad it was just a demo/example though because you might of been able to make a pretty cool song out of it.


loogiesquared responds:

~MABYE i'll make a song out of it.

Well done exercise

You've got something decent started - this doesn't really go far musically at all, though, so it's not really worth anything more than what you learned from it.

loogiesquared responds:


Not bad for a start

Since this is your first progression song, I'm sure it'll get better over time. Had a cool beat though. Keep on keepin on.


loogiesquared responds:

-I'll keep keeping on with the keeps of the keeps and the kee---wha?

Neds moar

Low frequency, its all highs right now o>O

loogiesquared responds:

-KEEP IT ²'d