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Reviews for "The Locks are Bored"

I thought that was pretty fun. The running time was good too. I especially appreciate the goofy voices. They work well in this environment. Hitting people with nails on bats is awesome! It doesn't go too far with the joke.

I like the goofy animation. It did need some more jokes. It's still good for the Lock Legion. It's what you're known for. I can tell the locks were bored.


locks are evil twins of clocks


thas was preety funny. wish i could see something like that happining in rl. *imagines a lock beating someone with bats with a spike in it*

Made me smile.

Better than what I've seen from the clocks.

I'd be tempted to join if I wasn't already in the "Docks", a group that is seriously the underdog. they have anchors and planks of wood for eyes! They begged me to join, so I did.

Do you think it is tolerated to be multiple rivaling groups at once?


The really funny part is Gothlocks random idea. to go out and hit people with bats with nails in them! The first submission I have ever seen of Aubers. But that was a long time ago.