Reviews for "Touhou - Flandre's blooth bath"

Awesome! :D

Love all your work :)

scary yet cool.

nice these are cool pictures or art you have.


i love blood

ok your mom O_O

it's a bit hard to tell if it's a girl or a guy the face say's girl (who just killed my pupey Q_Q) or maybe it's cause you had a hard time with the way the body? i know i cant do anything like this but i just think that . ^_^"

Fridher responds:

Thank you for answering to my drawing 8D
Well, yeah, she is supossed to be this character http://static.zerochan.net/full/48/16/275848.jpg but you're right, I made a mistake in the way of the body, specially because I should have made it more younger D8

I'm not used to draw naked bodies D8