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Reviews for "RED"

aww cool

its mewtwo!

Cope2K responds:

LOL WWHHYYYYYYY!?!?!?! Now I'll never unsee that! Just wait until I do a full body one. He's actually really different :)


This reminds me of trace from Metroid Prime:Hunters

Cope2K responds:

Hahaha cool thanks!


one of the best pieces ive seen on ng

Cope2K responds:

Awww Thanks man glad ya like it!


this is amazing! seriously you did a great job on everything!

Cope2K responds:

Thanks! :D

Oh my...

The face details and the expression is so... "human".
Now I really want to see a "Blue" (my fav color). X)

Cope2K responds:

Ahh I'm gonna get that done the face is done but I'm still working on the body :/ I'll get it done tho blue looks pretty cool too :)