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Reviews for "RED"

Myah !

I can see a swan

Cope2K responds:

A swan you say...hmmm


this is a really awesome drawing there is heavy detail in this you are good in art great work

Cope2K responds:

Thanks :) glad you like it!



Cope2K responds:

AWWWWWW YYYEEEAAAHHHH That makes two of us ;)

aww cool

its mewtwo!

Cope2K responds:

LOL WWHHYYYYYYY!?!?!?! Now I'll never unsee that! Just wait until I do a full body one. He's actually really different :)

Great picture. Plain and simple.

I really like the accuracy in the lighting and the almost crustacean appearance of your character. I can't wait to check out what Blue looks like. I'm wondering if Blue will turn out with the appearance of a smoother aquatic animal. I look forward to the future of this drawing, and possibly a contrasting picture featuring Red and Blue. Well done, sir.

Cope2K responds:

Thanks! There is definitely some contrast. The new Blue design is actually smooth/slick since he doesn't have so much stuff sticking out. I'll try to make something decent with him so that you guys can check it out. Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it!