Reviews for "B is Run (NES Chiptune)"



i loved it

i love the chun-lee at the end!!

I want to play old video games too.

The best part about the game "Cooperation" is that a lot of your music is featured in it, and that more than makes up for the horrible movement speed.

Bottom line, this is totally awesome, and you and Crystal Castles make me want to try my hand at 8 bit music.

BadCommandCo responds:

Hahahaha thanks! I was trying to play it and it was very sluggish, lol.

Castle Crashers

Definitely makes me think of the Castle Crasher SoundTrack. Great job dude. Do you mind me asking what software you use? I have Cakewalk and Cubase [found the torrent] but do you use something different? And I would LOVE to know where you and the other artists find 8-Bit sounding ReFills. Much Thanks

Love it!

Best 8-bit song ever.