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Reviews for "Old Version FTC 1"

nice going there,

;-) good job. (i always give 10s , lol)

Well Done!!!

Well Done man!!!!

Oh no! Bowser's stealin Christmas!

Wow, this is kinda like a Mario remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, except the Toads are the Whos, and the Grinch is Bowser. The only thing missin is the part where the Grinch stole the stuff, and the Whos still sang at the end. Anyhoo, great flash dude!

very cool

i really enjoyed farewell to christmas lot of ROTMK influences i liked the musoc form the rock one of my fave films hope i got that right and erm how the presents went througha pipe and come out to stack up little originalities like that impress me so thumbs up ill go check out 2

awsome! just awsome!

the wierd thing is that wart with his army are enemies of mario.. or mabye wart is tired of being a villan and wanted to help mario if he gets attacked and he did