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Reviews for "Old Version FTC 1"

Good Sprite Movie...

This is one of the Best Mario movies that I have seen. The sprites move very smoothly and the sound/music worked perfectly. I also like how you put alot of the Super Mario Bros. 2 characters into this flash. I dont see them in to many others. I liked it alot and think that you should keep em coming. Nice job.


a little late for christmas, but it was an awesome movie. good job

I have to say

I like sprite movies (When they're well done, of course) and this counts as well done in my book. You put a little twist on the end, and I like that.

Cream-E responds:

Thanks A lot Digital Wraith :)


Dude words cannot explain greatness..so I wont even try. Great Job!

hate the same old stuff...

why doesnt anyone make anything oiginal like Foamy or Happy Tree Friends.. There are millions of mario flashes were plp have just used the pictures from the game... hate the music and the storyline alays get lost in the rubish blocky graphics..

sorry if you dont like the comment.. just sayinng id like to see more original things.


Cream-E responds:

Foamy is original? I hate to bag on artists. But he doesn't even tween.