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Reviews for "Old Version FTC 1"

((( CUTE )))

Ha that was cute, i like the sharp looking backrounds and sprites, and the music was cool very catchy...


Oh no! Bowser's stealin Christmas!

Wow, this is kinda like a Mario remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, except the Toads are the Whos, and the Grinch is Bowser. The only thing missin is the part where the Grinch stole the stuff, and the Whos still sang at the end. Anyhoo, great flash dude!


Well nice try.

Cream-E responds:

Come on dude. Get a real review going. Lot of people out there liked it. Theres around 20 people who made it as there favorite movie. I have a feeling you liked it.. But your afraid to say it. It's okay man. I don't care if you like it. :)


it was just like the others that are simular. but it was somewhat intertaining.

mario is but a pawn

starts a little slow, like the in depth back grounds and layers, very nice. bit of a lack of communication, but the use of the clasic style seigh of a kingdom intailed to the mario kingdoms was very entertaining, and that was only the second time i had seen some on mario die any other way then balling up and looking shocked, reaction times are a little slow, and in theater they would say you need to "pick up the pacing".