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Reviews for "Old Version FTC 1"

be original.

dont copy peoples stuffs :P and mario movies r spose to be funny. this is not funny at all. good graphics and thats it <_<. *yawns* all that work for wut? :P

Reminiscent of Randy Solem's Work

This work is very reminiscent of ROTMK but then again seeing that it was one of the best sprite films there is on newgrounds fair enough.
Though it echos it is still distinct and creative. I was somewhat confused when I saw the Blue Koopa Troopas carrying the Net but another mark on creative.
Great work.


keep it up...good job...and like other positive remarks.

its christmas time!! yay!!

wait a second... isnt it like... april?

lol, it reminded me alot of RotMK2 by Randy Solem...

i liked this, keep it up!

Jumping Julickers Batman!

That was great...very funny when toad falls off the roof!!!
Great music...
great movie!