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Reviews for "Fire and Ash - Burning City"

It's not often I see CGI stuff here, but I can see why it's so POPULAR. This is an absolutely fantastic piece of art because it uses a completely original idea. Pictures of already made characters are great, but this is one where you really showed off your creativity. I couldn't help but think that the statue was supposed to resemble the Statue Of Liberty. It's great to see that plant like monster coming after it or rather, her. I hope you won whatever contest you entered.

There's just so much stuff going on here and yet it doesn't look cluttered at all. You have some organization within this chaos, if that makes any sense. I love the buildings that are just falling down in the background. I think one of the buildings has a backwards "Srhap" sign on it. It's not one of the collapsing ones, though. Good enough to be in a museum, dude!


Burn baby, burn...

wow this is impressive

i love this piece it is great!

San Miguel :D

Well, we can say fucking awsome.