Reviews for "+Factory+"

ah too hard to hit the stop button

too good to stop my senses need to aprrove of hiting the stop button aggh you made It too good ... lol

WritersBlock responds:

lol thanks.


This song is so good, to get so much mileage out of one bass line and to keep it interesting. that is an accomplishment.

WritersBlock responds:

Thank you.

Wow this track is great

So awesome - I'm filled with ideas listening to it, great work man.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, I've got loads of other songs I'm working on that I feel is up to this quality and energy, and I'm trying to string them together into what I hope to be an hour long album. I've got 30 minutes so far, but I've got a lot of development and polishing up to do. I hope you guys look forward to it, I know I am.


it's freaking over Nine-Thousand X awesome! it's like this sort of epic battle music from one of those epic films with armies of everything fighting each other epically

WritersBlock responds:


oh yeahhh

makes me wana kill someone right now....
..im gonna need this later...


WritersBlock responds:

Am I the music equivelant to GTAIV?
Watch out MCR, soon the media will be after me! Lol violence is fun when it's not real. Other than that it's disturbing. Vent your anger through the music...