Reviews for "+Factory+"

My favorite song on newgrounds

it has a very strong beat, which i like a lot. I just like the overall sound of it as it feels like something big is going to happen. Plus its really original and is different than all the other songs on here. great job, 10/10 5/5 + favorites

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, man!

i like this.

(: i listened to this twiceee. ;)

WritersBlock responds:

Thank yee. ;D


This is so great...!!! well done mann!!!!
5/5 10/10

WritersBlock responds:



This is probably my favourite song on Newgrounds, because it, although it's not in my favourite genre, it gives me a sort of feeling of a clock that's just ticking to the final countdown.

Well done!

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you think this of my music. I'm messing around with this industrial style a lot at the moment, really trying to get that beat/ticking feel to some of my songs.
Cheers, man.

Wow uh..

100th song and totally out of your genre. Not only that but it became quite popular, and now it's reached over 100 reviews. Impressive, man.

You should respond to your 100th reviewer, you git :P

Well, what can I say? It's an awesome song. Keep it up.

WritersBlock responds:

I'm trying to respond to all, except that I've got a bit more than usual.
And who said I have a genre? Well, mostly classical and unpopular electronica, but still... I try to diversify myself. I've got a fair few more songs like this that I hope will be almost as successful, but we'll see. ;D
Thanks for the review. <3