Reviews for "+Factory+"


Keep it up

WritersBlock responds:

Will do.

rock on :P

damn those drums rock :) great job 10/10 keep up the great work bro!

WritersBlock responds:


Techno fight song?

Great for fights, personally I like it for Runescape, but it could work for star wars battlefront 3 or something... Basically a great song for battles, new and old.

WritersBlock responds:

Glad you liked it.

Pretty good

Not to advertise, but you should listen to helix6's music, see if that inspires you a bit.

I loved the synth work, but as Malithion said, it got repetitive, maybe edit the second half with some additions or replacements to the synth rythm.

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I've heard a bit of his work, and it's pretty damn cool.

I'm looking at reworking this song, so I'll try and diversify it a bit then.

Thanks for the review!

Not bad for a techno-futuristic-deathmatch feel.

Pretty good. Conjures images of futuristic armies fighting over resource-rich desert worlds. That, and the Time Splitters series (the soundtrack has a similar aggressive techno-industrial feel at times).
The Good:
- Some ambient background noise/stuff helps make the song richer.
- As I said, it's a solid foundation of a song.
The Bad:
- I think it could use some variation/richness in the sound(s)/instruments used.
- The synths, as they tend to, get repetitive. Wish they were broke up more (such as 3:17 to 3:28).
- When the synths first start, they contrast a bit too strongly with the bass. Maybe they should fade in? Just a suggestion.

Anyway, its pretty good. And I tend to be a harsh reviewer.

WritersBlock responds:

Hey, thanks for the great review.
Not too harsh at all, some great feedback for me to improve on. Much appreciated.