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The name matches the piece exceedingly well.

HAPPY 100th :]

WritersBlock responds:

Haha, thanks.


Well , must say, this track blew my mind away!
lt was a long time ago that l listened to a track this powerful and "bad"...the melody was really good, and just where the initial beat started to be annoying the track changes its speed and style to keep you intrested!
This could easily played on a dancefloor with hordes of people moving their heads back and forth...awesome!
l hope you make more stiff in the future.....my sincere salutations from the

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WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the compliments. I felt that this track was a step up in quality compared with some of my previous works of this style. I'd love to do more songs like this in the future, I had fun making it.
Cheers, man. Much appreciated.


Blown away.
Industrial was for a while ambience with some drums and clanging annoying metal sounds. But we are all ending that streak, and Intense Industrial is coming through. If you ahve not heard my stuff, its really what industrial MEANS. When people think of industrial, they should tremble. Not o what is that pots n pans? This is some high class industrial. I see that you said it was in trance, i suggest you consider doing some minor adjustments, as in heavier, and a little more brutality to make it Strong in industrial and not just placed.

This is my longest review in a while =P But this 5 mins have not been wasted. I felt an intensity in the beginging that really made me fall in love with this.

ok some bad stuff, That lead synth seems recognizable as the rave synth in fl. and it kinda took away. a bit more personalized would make it sweet! and just a heavier kick. to really give it a nicer industrial feel.

This song is great man. and it deserves its place in the top of the audio portal. this song is GREAT not just good. the whole song is worth listening to. and id say about 80% of the authors cant say the same for their songs.

So great job once again. youve really shown me industrial has a chance ^.^

hit me up with a review sometime man, it would be well appreciated!

WritersBlock responds:

Hey, thanks for the compliments and criticisms! I really appreciate them.
Also, thanks for the favs.
I'll make sure to have a listen in on your music.

Congrats on 100 submissions! :D

Here are my thoughts on this one...

The first thing that strikes me is that the drums aren't present enough. Not loud, present - so perhaps some mixing, EQing, compressing, or even sample changing might be in order? The kick doesn't boom (and is pretty quiet in the mix too), the clap is a bit quiet, and the hihats are inconsistent with volume and possibly panning, which makes the song hard to listen to. :\

In fact, the whole song lacks a good presence, it feels like you cut the bass, and the high treble frequencies. What you really should do is fill the frequencies more - to fix it I'd start by exaggerating, though not to an unfixable extent, the mix you have in mind, keeping in mind you should have a balance of frequencies - equal presence of drums and synths in the low, mid, and upper ranges. Once you're done with the song, mix it. ;)

The song lacks structure - considering you submitted it as a trance song, you'd think it would have some kind of structure to it as nearly every trance song does. :P I don't really hear one here, though. It might be that it was originally for Envy's contest, but I can imagine plenty of ways to make a full-length trance song for Envy's contest. Maybe this would be better off in Industrial, where less trance-heads like me will complain it's got no structure, it isn't long enough, etc. XD

One of your synths sounds like a 3xOsc preset, it might just be me, though. :P

Other than all of that I think you're fine. I don't usually review this sort of song but it's not bad. :) Keep it up.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the tips. I'm not too good judging genres of songs, and my mixing and mastering knowledge is pretty limited.
I only just recently got some new drum samples, so I'm still sifting through them to find the best ones.
This was probably the fisrt time I've used 3xOsc presets, nice pick. ;D

Thanks for the great review and advice, it helps lots.