Reviews for "+Factory+"

Just brilliant

This is so good. Really excellent work. I just can't gush about this enough. I can absolutely see this pumping out over some elaborate fight scene in an action movie or sumthing. Great stuff!

WritersBlock responds:

POW! Thanks for the review.


Beginning is pretty awesome, but it starts to get repetitive. The same melody just becomes boring. What you need to do is take this, but right in the middle, put some extremely unique "meat" to strengthen the rest. 5/5 9/10 Great job anyway, just a minor detail. Love it.

WritersBlock responds:

Will do, next time. Thanks.


i like it its got a good beat sorry you didnt get a ten but i hardly give them out

WritersBlock responds:

I'm not disappointed by a 9! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you think this song is worth even a 9/10. 8/9/10, it's all good in my books. ;D

Lets Shuffle!

This is great = 5/5 10/10 Downloaded on ipod!

WritersBlock responds:

My song is in your pocket.

Wicked Sick

This is the most awesome track i've ever come across in the Industrial music sector, Wicked sick man... Keep it up GREAT work.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. I'm really glad that I'm still high up in the industrial rankings, because I thought that if this got a weekly top 5 it'd get 0 bombed. Newgrounds Audio Portal, you've surprised me.
Cheers for the review.