Reviews for "+Factory+"

thumbs up

Very good! Has a nice beat and intro

WritersBlock responds:

You have nice thumbs. =3


this song is wicked ive heard no song as good as this

WritersBlock responds:

I've heard better, you're just tring to flatter me.

great job

best song ive heard today

WritersBlock responds:

[edit] only song I've heard today.
Lawl nah, thanks man.


Dude... i really got to tell... i love trance, techno!
Industrial wasn't my thing, but this song is awsome!
Do more industrial songs, cause i bet that there are a lot of guys which want to hear more industrial from you!
Good Job!

WritersBlock responds:

Thank you. I'm dabbling in DnB and industrial, blending a bit of this and a bit of that, and I think I'm getting there with a few new tracks.


Whoa, kick-ass song!

Sounds as if I was sitting in a club right now and the masses go wild on the dancefloor, while this song is played at top volume...

The bass is amazing, the mixing is done perfect, the song is quite diversyfied... this has everything that a good song needs. Very nice!

{ Review Request Club }

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks man. Have fun watching all the girls dance. Yes, we both know that's why you're there, lol.