Reviews for "Crank Dat Remix Youuuuuuuuuuuu"

Tight, yo.

Sounds just like the original. Like a couple of goats grinding.

trashcanman responds:



Nothing quite soothes the ears like the sound of somebody being molested in front of a microphone.


trashcanman responds:

least not as bad as the original

Ahh i love this.

Dude.. You're so good at this stuff! Like. having a throat sickness and playing a song in front of a crappy mic and screaming through it. One point of criticism : MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC. Advise on completing this goal: First, buy some throat pastilles. Then, make your own music.

I hope this helped you.


trashcanman responds:

i did that music in fruity loops, its not that hard

This isn't a tune. It's just him fucking around