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Reviews for "Crank Dat Remix Youuuuuuuuuuuu"


I liked how you made fun of that sou-called "musician", Soulja Boy, and his ghey song. I love this. This is funny.

trashcanman responds:



This doesn't sound that good and there's a lot of screaming, but it's definatly amusing and much better than the original. I don't like the hissing all that much but the singing is pretty nice in a way, much more tolerable than the original, parts of this also sound like the original which is great, though near the ending sounds like Scooby, dunno what you did there.

It's a shame it's so short though, you should have redone the entire song, that could have been pretty funny too. Well anyway, overall, the quality in parts isn't all that great but it gave me a laugh :)



trashcanman responds:

im glad you like it


This must be the best cover version ever!
Souja Boyee has an NG account as far as I know... send pm... maybe he's gonna like this! :]

trashcanman responds:


Tight, yo.

Sounds just like the original. Like a couple of goats grinding.

trashcanman responds:


Ahh i love this.

Dude.. You're so good at this stuff! Like. having a throat sickness and playing a song in front of a crappy mic and screaming through it. One point of criticism : MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC. Advise on completing this goal: First, buy some throat pastilles. Then, make your own music.

I hope this helped you.


trashcanman responds:

i did that music in fruity loops, its not that hard