Reviews for "Bonus Stage #9: Morbid"


Dude, that's hilarious. You have to watch time-squad 24/7, NO!!!!!!! Then strong bad...damn...you won! What do i get? Death!. So many nthings hilairous I cant list em all


in dont care what anybody says...i love ALLLL of the epsiodes....i frequent your website to see the newest edition...this is my favourite Flash series by far....keep it up...i would DIE if i couldnt see Joel and Phil do their thing.

hilarious....all of them..for serious..



That was funny! 8)

Insanely Funny...

This is the best one out of all the Bonus Stage episodes that you've submitted to Newgrounds.

Can't wait until your newer episodes with Rya get here...

Keep it up!

that is awesome on so many levels

really that was great