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Reviews for "Following Your Heart"

I like wolves!

My review will be in english this time, for unknown reasons.

I believe your strongest point is harmony. The left hand fits wonderfully with the melody, as if it weren't there. You know, as if it were one with the right hand. I think that's an achievement for every pianist, the art of composition demands a beautiful and well balanced distribution of chords forming the harmonic texture. And that doesn't seem to be a problem for you. Good job on that!

I get the feeling you are trying to convey. Happy, yet cold. Maybe it's just me but I get a cold feeling listening to this, like watching snow flakes. Even though, I have never seen the snow in real life. That's why I do believe it fits the wolves theme.

I'll keep this song, defenitely. It's perfect to just lay down, close my eyes and listen to it the whole thing.

You really know your stuff, keep that up!


Sorry it took me so long reviewing. I was really busy when you sent me that PM and I completely forgot until now.

Jabicho responds:

Hey thanks for saying that, you should've seen my smile while I read your review, It's cool to know the song has a "winter" feeling, suits the wolves great =P.

Don't worry about the time you took to review, it's great to know from you =D

By the way, I love wolves too! XD


this piece is as majestic as something out of a video game, if not superior.
i commend you on your work so far, and definitely plan to listen to your other creations.
you undoubtedly have a gift for this.
please do not stop making this magic that some call music.

Jabicho responds:

wow, thanks for saying that, hope you like my other pieces! =D I'll let you know when I submit another piece =)


This song is indeed unmatched by many songs made by professional artists. I have no words to say as it is, already speaking for itself when it plays. You sir have outdone yourself more than once. For that, I applaud with my soul set ablaze and my hopes setting sail for the horizon. For the last words I have for you in this post, truthfully saying is...

Bravo sir.

Jabicho responds:

I love your reviews, you can't imagine how happy I get when I read you comments =D thanks for that!


From what I hear, this song somehow feel like it summarize the entire life journey of Aurora & Marock

Nevertheless, this song is not bad at all. I like the whole part of it coz it gives a sense of reminiscence. Keep up

Jabicho responds:

Hey thanks! a sense of reminiscence is a great feeling, I'm happy it transmits that =D


Another great piece of work

Jabicho responds:

Thanks again my friend! I'm very happy you liked it =)