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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Following Your Heart"


quite soothing

Jabicho responds:

Hehe, thanks =)


I used this song in a flash game that I put both here and on deviantART. It was a perfect choice in my opinion.

Jabicho responds:

Woohooo, Thanks! I'm gonna check it out! =D

*cant stop crying*

i'm now convinced your a professional, at least i hope you are, i cant wait for that wolf video to come out with all your amazing music, i can't hink of anything wrong at all, its amazingly pure, you were obviously having a great time writing this, at least i hope you did, cause i had a great time listenign to this song. I can honestly say that is probably one of the top five ongs on newgrounds. thank you so much for writing so many great songs. do you have an album? and thanks again for your review of my song, it was very much appreciated, especially for the encouragement, thanks again

Jabicho responds:

Can't think of anything wrong? :D hey that's cool, thanks for saying that. Ohh this song means so much for me, it's the first "happy mood" piece I wrote, so it was exciting to see that many people liked it, since i was walking in new ground with this piece :P

An album? nope, not yet, I always had the dream to record a cd after I have at least 12 compositions, so after this month (when I finish a third song for the wolf animation) I'll be half way through! =D

Thanks for your amazing support, it means a lot.

very intriguing

very well done on the piano antics....it's very beautiful i shall view your movie....when it's that time

Jabicho responds:

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it! =D. The movie (according to Yuji, the creator of the movie) is planned for approximately a year and a half from now , thanks again! =)

wow :D

16 reviews? i shall be your 17th! D:<

it makes me think of gardens, & somebody is goin thru their memories. its beautiful. if i could make a movie, this would be the song to go in it; title, credits, somewhere in the movie!

& its on my iPod as well! :D love it!!

Jabicho responds:

Hehe, gardens? when I made this piece, I always thought of both wolves running through a field. Thanks for the review =D glad you liked it!