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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02"

Excellent work

This is great in all aspects, 5//5 excellent work. Love the Turtles ^_^;;

This is the business

This is the shit I come to newgrounds for, another awesome piece of work. The graphics and especially the animation in all of your movies are amazing. The fighting in this one looks even better than in EP01, even though there isn't much of it and isn't as bloody(aww), the way they move is increadable.

The music isn't anything special, but it contributes to the movie in general, as it fits the atmosphere perfectly. It's nothing too dominating, which I like.

It's good to see this kind of high quality flash based on the turtles, but even though this is definetly for the older audiences, I find it more like the TMNT show, and the "adventures of" comics than the original black and white comic. Which is a bit disapointing since that comic was a very serious one, and everything that came after that was aimed at a younger audince(with the first line of toys and cartoon)

The biggest surprise was at the end, which satified my hopes after seeing the first episode, but I won't spoil it here.

I love this work very much, and it will always be one of my favorite flash movies.


you da man homie you da man!!

It rules!!!!

The movie was awsome, it can only get better from here. Just one beef i have is your cedits are wrong. I noticed you have 2 songs in there, in particualr the song that is played in the church sceen and the song played when Raph meets shredder. The 2 songs are from Xenosaga not Xenogears, and the church song is called Sancuary and the song with Shredder is Albedo's theme. If you dont want to give credit to the game at least give it to the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Thats my only beef, if you dont want to change it thant thats your dicision, just thought i would let you know.

Keep it up, Der Wille zur Macht

ValorXII responds:

hey mon, yeah i didnt update all the credits properly. sorry i will fix that though, thx.


Even better than Episode 1, and the trailor. You are a flash god! Keep it up; I can't wait for Episode 3!