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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02"

Again, another great story!

Not much to say here, but a great story.

Finished series by watching this one.

I would have to say unarmed combat excells weaponry overall. I enjoyed the fight scenes in this one above the other two in the series. "So that's how Raphael is caught." It was like watching Star Wars before episodes 1-3 came out and knowing how it turns out.

Great flash work! Plz keep it going!


At least Slash is still pretty cool. And yes i will keep bugging you about how he isnt a snapper because hes my favorite character.... lol

I dont care that much.. I still love this series :)


Man, that was sick! k let me sum up the first two episodes that i watched b4 this

Ep 1 & 2 : Story was good old school style that is the turtles. and they added some new school with the blood and heavier violence. but both of these flashes had choppy fighting.

Ep 3 : oh man, MUCHO BETTER! the fighting went so smoothly, it was great to see ur improvment. plus the story kept on going strong and yet again let u hanging at the end for MORE MORE MORE!

godlike flash!

i'd like to end on a quote:
-Mikey (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtules I the Movie)

Holy Spit

"I've said it before, I'll say it agin, I LOVE WATCHIN THE MUNTANT NIJA TURTLES!!!!"