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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02"


I remember Slash. It's the same name from that big fish with a drill nose on Street Sharks, the old cartoon. Also, Slash was from the old TMNT series (and I don't think he's in the new TMNT series). And I agree with the review that's below me. It DOES rock. Excellent work. Now I'm off to see the next episode.

Dude, this totally rocks my socks

I've never seen anyone do these dark TMNT flashes before. Most the time, people make fun of the TMNT, or portray them in....odd... ways. But I like this TMNT series you got going. Keep it up, dude. It totally rocked my socks.

perfect 0.0

Great voices to man, sounds almost like the ones for cartoon. great work, nice drawings, good plot ^_= perfect

It just keeps getting better

I don't know whether Michaelangelo gave Donatello the finger or just pointing up because he only has 3 fingers, so that's how I have no idea. I also like the part where Raphael snapped that ninja's neck. 10 for that because I laughed at that part. And Slash looks like the version of all the Ninja Turtles because he's wearing all brown and his skin is sea foam color, except he's a monsterous turtle and he's taller and he looks like a Ninja Turtle zombie. Hence, that name reminds me of Street Sharks. The fish with a drill nose is Slash, Slobster's sidekick (if you haven't seen Street Sharks, then you probably won't know what I'm talking about, because I've seen it many years ago). All 10's for this because it rocks, dude. Excellent job.


yes its smooth and still looks great, but the ending was weird the eye thing on half screen didn't look right. otherwise this was a great toon!