Reviews for "Space Talk"

it was ok...

not a bad homestar runner voice...but it lagged sometimes and i guess this was somekind of school project...well, hope you got an A (projects like these usually get high grades, cause the teacher is flash-ignorant) oh, and Masso...stop e-mailing people to see if they got permission...its a parody and thats legal...just ask tom fulp


It was ok. E-mailed brother chaps to see if you have permission to use HomeStarRunner

Put in a PRELOADER fer chrissake!!

Animation style - OK
Subject matter - Fuckin' BORING!
Voices - Shitty

Overall - pretty shitful

Not bad

I liked it. A little slow though and the sound was a bit bad. But overall it was good┬╣┬│


Sorry chiefis, not good enoughf.