Reviews for "Space Talk"

Shoot me.

Someone please shoot me and put me out of my misery.

Umm, isnt this plagiarism?

Yeah it think this is plagiarism, and its not even that funny. Fuck you, if you love homestar runner then try to think up a character just as uniquely humorous instead of asking for a lawsuit, and wasting our time. This shit sucked, it was like watching retards reading some kind of fake pbs debate transcript. You suck, go to hell. Someone, please blam this thing out of existence.

ghetto, but funny

a little crapy, but i love homestar runner. lol, im watching it again like now, this is so ghetto. but it is funny. good job. i look forward to seeing where you go from here.


I didn't even want to watch it till the end, but I did. You know it wasn't funny at all. And that's copyright, that character isn't yours. Even if you did remake it which I doubt, it's still copyright. You didn't buy a license to use Home Star.


Yeah, I have NO idea what this was. Your characters' mouths didn't go with the words at all (hell, that alien thing had two frames!)

You stole the Homestar Runner character and gave him the voice of a retarded Australian who got a throat-punch.

I nearly fell asleep watching this. I have no idea why anyone would make a flash this boring, this crappy, drawn by a four-year-old copyright infringer, and given *listens to Alien voice again* NO! BAD VOICE!

That's it.