Reviews for "Venom vs Aliens"

Oh deer gawd!!!!!

Intentional mispelling on my half, anyway....
that would be the most epic fight ever!!!!!!!

sapoman responds:

Yes it would! Even better than me fighting 3 midgets.

But venom IS an alien.

Very well made art! I'd say Venom has a better chance then that, though. The aliens are just creatures, while venom is a man with an alien suit. Incredible art! keep it up!

sapoman responds:

Yeah, the suit would probably prevent Venom from being infected.


it would be cool, but that sort of impalation wouldnt happen to poor lil venom.

sapoman responds:

Yeah, you are probably right.


that alien has the weirdest boner EVER!!!!!!

sapoman responds:

He sho' does.