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Reviews for "[ lovesick ambulance ]"


awsum.... keep them comming ^^

Kingbastard responds:

i shall:) thanks for the review


the background music was awsome really good, the voice was great you put a pretty good song together good job!!!

Kingbastard responds:

cheers, thanks for reviewing


your fantastic at playing the guitar how long have you been playing? And your voice sounds really good. I love the song the beat is really good and is that another instrument in the back round?
how long does it take to make a song?


it's pretty cool, I guess, but the lyrics could use some work

really good

Great track. The way you seemingly worked in the sound of an ambulance in the background of the acoustic guitar and vocals was terrific, and the blue-grass feel of some of the track was also great. Overall, almost no improvements could have been made, apart from that I'd like for the track to continue for longer (maybe if you added some more lyrics to it, too). I'm wondering how it might be possible to purchase an album of yours though, apart from iTunes, as in a CD. Keep up the great work.

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks for the review. I do tend to like to keep my acoustic tracks short and sweet:)
I have an acoustic CD for sale at the mo, although it's only available if you have paypal.
There's a link for it in my myspace blog, it's the 3rd one down, http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fus eaction=blog&pop=1

thanks for reviewing.