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Reviews for "[ lovesick ambulance ]"


Nice going. Really nice. is that you playing and singing, great stuff man great great stuff.

Kingbastard responds:

it is me, yeah, who else would it be:)!! Cheers for the comment.

Liked it

Nice guitar, vocals, lyrics... Just about everything was great. One part sounded a bit distorted; kind of off at one point, though, I'm not sure where... But, like I said, this is great.

Kingbastard responds:

probably the pads that sounded 'distorted' although you might be referring to the vocals, which are purposefully distorted, two sets, one reverbed, one dropped down in the mix distorted. I think i know the bit you mean, and it;s not distortion through error, it's purposeful, it's actaully a voice:)

Very Good

V nice composition, good build up of instruments, lyrics are good and the music is awesome. Ambulance is classy too. Nice work!

~C x

Kingbastard responds:

ta duck

that is amazing

its good music man

the lyrics make sense

the melody is real good

this gets a 5/5 & a 10 out of 10.

Kingbastard responds:

thanks for voting and reviewing:)

Very good!

The lyrics were very touching, and the ambulance in the backround was a very good addition. The only thing that I didn't like was your voice. Not your singing, it was very good, but the way it sounded kind of threw me off. Were you singing through a voice filter or something? If so I would recommend not using one and singing naturally, and perhaps just an octave lower. A fantastic song, regardless. I hope to see more

Kingbastard responds:

there's a doubl;e layer of vocals one with reverb one with high end slight distortion , i do normally sing without any fx (except reverb) but i wanted to try something different. and the comment you made about an octave lower, i actually made this song with the capo on the wrong fret so it was supposed to be a bit lower, but hey, gotta try these things:)
Thanks fro the review.