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Reviews for "[ lovesick ambulance ]"

amazing music

i really love your music!
the electronic and the acoustic songs.. just amazing
haha, never thought i would listen to electronic.. great work, i really like your voice.

cos people come and people go
... really amazing music
beside sitting one of my fav songs from you

keep up the amazing work!

=o =D

this was....amazing... it feels like im listening to like a popular pop artist known all over the world man.. its awesome.. a little bad quality.. so i gave u a 9/10.. but i hope u will like the review anyway ^^

Kingbastard responds:

cheers, yeah qual isnt great, i dont have good equipment, glad u liked it though:)

Good, as always

Very nice swell at the end. Your songs always depress me (except for "My Head is a Balloon, of course) but then I'm a depressed sort of guy in general, and it sounds like you might be one, too.

You really have become one of my favorite artists (not just on Newgrounds). I know that might not mean much, coming from a screen on a big, popular site like this, but just remember that the writer of these words is a fully realized person, just like you, who has been touched by your music.


Kingbastard responds:

i'm not so depressed as fed-up:P
Cheers for the review, it does mean a lot to get honest opinions of my music and i appreciate it fully, thanks.

Surprising !

man, i searched a lot after you ! i remember downloading a song of you years ago, i think it was called bastard in a box.

i found you and now you bring that nice acoustic stuff.
congratulations for the professionality and your improvement .
This could get into the radio !

Kingbastard responds:

i have a massive back catalouge of tunes :P seek and yea shall find, lol.


That was pretty sick.

Kingbastard responds:

poorly sick or good sick:P thanks for the review