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Reviews for "Area51"

awesome...just awesome...

I love how you have reaction times and a LOT of shooting. Great ideas. I want part two ASAP! hehe. Keep it up!


This game was fucking awesome!!!
its gotta be the best game on newgrounds!!!
Front page material!!

Not too bad its just that everything is slow...

In the next game make a Quality button that allows you to swich from high to low...no offense. I had to right click and select low from the right-click menu every two seconds cause my computer is kind of slow. Anyway this game is good but the file size is a little big, I thought it was funny when the bla*k guy called the white guy the stupidest living thing on the face of the Earth(not sure *exactly what he said but it was funny).

I'm the ending put a little suspense on me, so you should make the 2nd one. I want to see what happens...

i give it a overall 10

well,it's a great game,controls are a little sluggish,but that might just be my p.o.s. mouse,anyway great job man,you should keep up the work

p.s.the waiting times werent as bad as peaple say.

Cool game (+ Easter egg)

Allright Here they are:
When I saw the guy turning the comp on I wanted to see what Programs He got on hes comp, So I stopped the flash then zoomed in and I saw a Wordpad document says:" The secret Codes to launch All the nuclear bombs In the US"
Try it.

Allthough the game was great, Loved the reflex Thingys, And there was alot of voilence (Blood!)In it. The reason I gave humor 3 is becouse the Paramedic, Sit and cry like a woman lol.