Reviews for "Area51"

5mb for this piece of crap...

dude, this really sukx:
1- Animations are too slow
2- Your drawings are almost the same everywhere and are messed up(legs are too fucking small).
3- The dialogue and script sucked.
4- What was the fucking code...???????????????
5- The game has no fucking point, wow, go kill aliens that came out of Venus in Area 51, how ORIGINAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6- If this was ur first try at flash, I think I would have say you can achieve alot more and that ur very good for a beginner, but if u've been doing flash for like a year and know actionscript and its basics, i would say u need to do some real progress now.
7- Good Luck in ur next attempts.........

Hen7 responds:

You haven't seen everything...so how can you know if its worth it or not?
the code is 45677, it written in the letter in the soldier's computer


I know I am a horrible speller but that does not even begin to describe you. spelling "cat" with a k and "fat" with a ph is great when compared with you. So if you ever do make part two change that, please. also most of the graphics were horrible, (try to use traight lines ones in a while) Also the space bar thing is fine but the little green dots have got to go. All this might sound mean but I got quite irritated with this game.

wtf was this

ok 1st of all u tried 2 be funny, with the 1st couple of scenes, but u killed it, dont do that shit espeacially wen u dont know how 2 animate the right way so the cut scenes dont lag and u can skip from i thought to another, and there were still a lot of spelling mistakes, like wen u said oh i taught i had a flash light, its thought not taught, and the gun is not auto matic and not enough health


OK, first off

1. Fix the spelling. I'd be more than happy to help you SPELL.
2. Take each review as professional as possible, dispite any attemps of the reviewers' spam of calling you a fucktard (I called you that, just so you know)

3. You NEED NEED NEED to add a skip button! God, I stopped playing this shit after 3 tries, so fucking boring!

4. Make the rifle automatic at least...

this game sucked

this game sucked,the only thing good about it was when it was over, you have a menatl meter only good game have those..!!!!!!