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Reviews for "Area51"


When I shoot the guy with the purple bandanna I have to restart? If I don't he shoots my dude.

I'm confused.

Hen7 responds:

shoot the octopus alien (purple bandana) a couple of times


A few things to make this good game great: Cut the trial and error switch flipping, that is incredibly annoying; give more warning before having a creature come out, i wasn't ready to have to press the space bar and died, when you do die it would be nice if you would be back right where you died ie., when flipping those switches; I hate having to watch those sloooow ass cut scenes every time i die
last but not least
the horrid grammer is why i voted this game so low, it just cannot be ignored


This has to be the worst grammar I have EVER seen. You completely slaughter the english language. Do you realize that? Look at your Author's comments. "After a days and nights" Forgetting a few or something else in there? "nonstop, work" We all love having extra commas thrown in. "If you'll read everything," Lay off the 'll. It doesn't work there. Fix your grammar please... fucktard.

Fun but...confusing.

The game started off fun, too little interaction though, but when I got to the part with the soldier with the purple bandana, i got really pissed. It says paralyze without killing but there seems to be no damn way to do it. Maybe if you gave some kind of damn hint it would be a little more fun.

not good graphics

not good drawed and no graphics that means it sucks.