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Reviews for "Area51"

it takes too long to actually get into the game

the graphics were good but the attempts at humor will test the patience of anyone. Next time let the plyer get to the action a little faster.


When I shoot the guy with the purple bandanna I have to restart? If I don't he shoots my dude.

I'm confused.

Hen7 responds:

shoot the octopus alien (purple bandana) a couple of times

1 of the best things on newgrounds

gameplay,humor,graphics maked iit a great game!

that nonstop work of you created an great game i wanna see part 2! mail me if its done please

good job

cool. nice work. just work on the story more and learn grammar and english. some of your shit was just fucked up. awesome game though.


This is beatifull, keep up the good work!