Reviews for "Area51"

u wasted ur time

this sucked way more then anything ive ever played ever

Quite diversified, but rather slow.

This is a neat game beause of all the cutscenes. I like the combinations of the two and the different types of game cmponents involved. The story is pretty good and the action is easy to understand and play.

My big gripe is that the cutscenes and animation are waaaay too slow. Everything appears to happen in slow motion. I can understand why some other viewers didn't even make it past the intro which was unnecessarily long.

Also, I don't think you should set the quality for the viewer so much. Just once at the beginning of the movie is enough. I had to keep resetting it to low to help speed up the animation.

A bigger "next" button for conversations would be a welcome addition too. (Or if the space bar could double a pressing the button.)

Anyhow, this is great work, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I look forward to the second part.


The intro long boring and the jokes arnt funny their lame! You wait 5 minutes waiting for the intro to be over and then the is rubbish its the same demented litle aliens then once or twice comes a zombie!!!

this was pretty retarted.

especialy the switch puzzle. make it...well... more enjoyable. and make the guys less twitchy

Didn't end up playing...

Well, the intro was way too long, the cruiser didn't stop going after 4-5 mins so i decided to quit while i was behind and write the review.

Although i didn't play the intro did sell me a couple laughs.